OC: During speaking tests today

For my Oral Communication classes, while I’m busy with other students doing their speaking tests, please do not waste time. Use this time productively. You can do any of the following:

  • Video record a conversation sample (you can use your speaking test as your conversation sample for your final report). You should take your mobile phone with you, and make an audio recording of the test, in case there’s a problem with the video recording; use the audio recorder app.
  • Make a copy of the video onto your own USB memory stick
  • Review your conversation sample, and work on your final report (if you brought your own tablet or laptop computer). See info at the Oral Communication page.
  • Prepare for your own speaking test
  • Do WordEngine & vocabulary review
  • Review Orbits, and do unit 6 dialogue listening
  • Study or do extensive reading for another class

How to use the video cameras:

  • Start the recording with your name and student number.
  • Olympus: Push the record button once to preview, once more to record. Do a sound check.
  • Canon: Red button once to record. Do a sound check.
  • Use the headphone splitter to watch and review with your partner.


During speaking tests

During speaking tests, do not sit there staring at the ceiling; be productive. OC and CS classes, do any of the following:

  • Practice for your own speaking test
  • Review vocabulary for the articles studied (units 1-3)
  • OC: Review your own unit 3 animal article
  • Review the Orbits dialogues (units 1-3), or English Firsthand 2 (units 1 & 2)
  • OC: Listen to the Orbits dialogues
  • Do WordEngine study
  • Do extensive listening
  • Do extensive reading
  • OC: Prepare for unit 4 of Orbits (vocabulary and article). For IPA for pronunciation, use http://dictionary.cambridge.org.
  • Just chat about anything with a classmate (of course only in English)