IMPORTANT NOTICE about Winjeel.Com

Currently, Winjeel.Com is hosted on servers in the United States, but it will move to HelloSpace.Me servers in Switzerland this week. There may be a few days where Winjeel.Com will not work. Sorry about the interruption. I hope to have everything operating as normal as quickly as possible.

The move from the US to Switzerland is because of two reasons, one is economic. Two, the worsening of digital freedoms in the United States is seen as a threat in the coming years. Winjeel.Com will be hosted in Switzerland because of the strong data protection, privacy laws, and commitment to Net Neutrality.

Experimenting with weather

I’m a busy person, and we all need information. This is an information venue, so let’s add a little automation. In the next few days I’ll try coupling this blog and twitter with daily weather reports that will be automatically generated. I’m sure it’s not going to go so well at first, so this will be an experiment. The results will be published here and on twitter, and the aim is to find what works best, where. So, it’ll seem like a sudden burst of weather info, but it’s just for a few days. I hope the end result will be useful especially for my students.

Meteorologists preparing to launch a weather balloon.

Meteorologists preparing to launch a weather balloon. Creative Commons licensed from