Below are Andrew’s academic publications (ORCiD). Andrew’s textbooks for students can be found at Textbooks.

  • Blyth, A. (forthcoming) Exploring New Ways of Teaching EFL Listening to Adults in Japan: Developing pedagogy for lexical segmentation using the Rhythmic Segmentation Hypothesis, Possible Word Constraint, and Phonological Cue models. (Forthcoming doctoral thesis). University of Canberra, Canberra Australia.
  • Blyth, A. and Sakurai, Y. (forthcoming) Comparing Japanese EFL students listening and reading vocabularies.
  • Blyth, A. (2015) Social Media Ethics. The JALT CALL Journal, 11/2, 173-184. [journal link] [Full text pdf]
  • Blyth, A. (2012) Extensive Listening vs. Listening Strategies: Response to Siegel. ELT Journal, 66(2), 236-239. [extract link] [Full text pdf]
  • Murray, A., and Blyth, A. (2011) A survey of Japanese university students’ computer literacy levels. The JALTCALL Journal, 7(3), 307-318 . [link]
  • Blyth, A. (2011) Cookies and Breadcrumbs: Ethical Issues in CALL. ELT Journal, 65(4), 470-472. [abstract link] [Full text pdf]
  • Blyth, A. (2011) How teachers teach listening in Japan: Part 1.  KOTESOL Proceedings 2010: Advancing ELT in the Global Context. Seoul, Korea: KOTESOL. [2010 Proceedings]
  • Blyth, A. and Ohyama, T. (2011) Using Humour in English Lessons. JALT Proceedings 2010: Think Outside the Box. Nagoya, Japan [link].
  • Blyth, A. (2011) Review of Observation of Teaching: Park, Widodo, & Cirocki (2010). LinguistList, 22.4434.
  • Blyth, A. (2010) Review of Phonology in Perception: Boersma & Hamann (2009). LinguistList, 21.3465.
  • Blyth, A. (2005) Taiwanese Teachers Attitudes to Authentic Listening Materials. Unpublished Masters Dissertation, University of Essex, UK.

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