Press Releases

How to write a press release for a new product

This is especially important for businesses, advertising companies, public relation companies, and social media promotion agencies. This has two parts. 1. Press release for media and news outlets. 2. Twitter post.

1. Press Release

This has seven parts.

  1. Heading: Clear title, gets readers’ attention
  2. Sub-heading: Single sentence that summarises the main point
  3. Images: Clean, beautiful images of the product
  4. Opening paragraph (introduction): Includes all key information, including
    1. Topic of article
    2. Who it is for
    3. Why they should use this product
    4. Another other key info
  5. Middle paragraphs (body): Other key information including
    1. Testimonials
    2. Research supporting the efficacy of the product
    3. How to use it
    4. Case study (how other people have used it)
  6. Summary: Include
    1. Summarise the key points
    2. Call-to-action (encourage, how, and where to buy)
  7. Boilerplate: Include
    1. Contact details
    2. Product web links, Buy/Order here buttons
    3. Company profile
  8. Other links: References/Sources/Bibliography

Key linguistic features:

  • Lots of amazing adjectives
  • Short, easy to read quotes
  • Hints that other people endorse / want it
  • All truth (never lie in a real press release)

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Fictional Example:

Fantastic new coffee flavour available now

Wombat Coffee is a new brand of Australian grown coffee that features a unique and deliciously aromatic flavour guaranteed to excite coffee aficionados

Coffee, by Burst CC,

Coffee, by Burst CC,

A new company was recently established to promote the new Australian coffee growing industry. Five years ago, Gold Coast farmers planted a specially bred new variety of Coffea arabica Australis that is suited to Australian conditions, and is bursting with flavour. The first harvest is now available for coffee lovers with international postal orders accepted.

Growers in the Gold Coast report that they have never experienced such wonderful flavours of coffee. One grower said, “This will put the finest of Italian coffees to shame”. Another saying, “This is simply liquid silk”. This new variety is exceptionally rare, where compared to Brazil that produces as much as 2.8 million tonnes of coffee annually [1], the Gold Coast will contribute barely a tonne to the world’s 8.8 million tonne supply. The Canadian café, Brewers’ Choice, has already ordered 300 kilograms for their customers. One Brewers’ Choice customer, Deborah said, “Who knew such wonderful coffee could come from Australia. I’m definitely coming back for this every morning”.

Wombat Coffee is the new brand that is of exceptional quality and is of premium grade. It has international recognition despite its rarity. Orders for this fantastic flavour are available via Winjeel.Com.

Wombat Coffee was founded in December 2016 by a collective of coffee growers. The coffea cultivar was developed in association with Australia’s scientific research organisation CSIRO and Gold Coast farmers.


2. Twitter

Using social media like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram are now very important means to share information and press releases. Crafting a Tweet is not easy. Recently, Twitter expanded the number of Roman text for a tweet up to 280 characters.

  • Avoid: Sales type of language
  • Do: Exciting language like you have discovered something for yourself
  • Do: Use hashtags (#) for keywords
  • Don’t: Overuse hashtags (maximum of one or two)
  • Do: Include a shortlink (see
  • Link: Direct to sales page
  • Do: Include call-to-action
  • Do: Create rarity/scarcity to encourage impulse buying
  • MUST use positive adjectives
  • Do: Include a photo, gif, or short interesting video


I’ve found this amazing new #coffee from Australia. It’s super delish, & really rare. Order a bag now while it’s still in season.

Coffee, by Burst CC,

Coffee, by Burst CC,