Opinion: pop culture reviews

The structure of a pop culture review can vary, but this is one possible way to write it. Also see How to write a movie review, and How to write summaries. Also see IMDb.com for more info about your movie or TV show, and for official English titles and key vocabulary. This can be used for:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Computer games (that have a story/plot)
  • Books
  • Theatre & musicals
  • Anything that has a story / narrative

There are three main parts to the opinion paragraph.

  1. Overall impression / topic sentence
  2. Opinions / supporting sentences
  3. Conclusion

Overall impression / Topic sentence

Write a ten word sentence to describe your main feeling of the movie. Example:

Death Note is a brilliantly made movie with a finely crafted story.

Opinions / Supporting sentences

For each of these features, write two sentences to describe:

A: Describe the feature, and
B: How it makes you feel.

  1. Aesthetics (visual style)
  2. Special effects (if any used)
  3. Sound track / score (music)
  4. Casting (choice of actors)
  5. Acting (quality and type of acting)
  6. Direction (quality of work by the director)
  7. Story / plot (quality of story writing / quality of script)
  8. Any other features

However, choose the most interesting five points for your story.


Start with one of these:

  • “Overall, the movie was…”
  • “In all, the movie was…”

Restate your topic sentence in slightly different words. Add a star rating for the movie (out of 5 stars). Copy and paste this: ⋆


The movie Death Note is a brilliantly made movie, with a finely crafted story. The movie has a dark gritty look to it, reminiscent of the original animation. The dark gritty look adds to the feel of the horror of the story. The acting was not brilliant, however, it was enough to convey the story. The special effects were clearly computer generated. The special effects could have been blended better with the movie, as the computer generated characters appeared ‘photoshop-smooth’, rather than gritty and grainy to match the movie. In all, the story was great, the concept was great, but the visual appeal of the movie was only good. ⋆⋆⋆⋆/5