Opinion paragraphs

How to write an opinion paragraph. Inside a hamburger paragraph, there are three types of supporting sentences: opinion, factual example, and interpretation. First, look at the example below.


  1. How to write a simple opinion paragraph (by Andrew; 8mins)
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  3. Opinion paragraphs (by Maria Vidot; 1:30min)
  4. How to write the OSSLT opinion essay (Cawthra Park S. S. Library; 2:30min)

There are three parts to follow:

Part: Example:
1. Opinion It should be considered that The Body Shop is the best cosmetic company.
2. Factual examples For instance, it was the first to produce organic products like hand creams, and scrubs [1]. These products do not contain dangerous chemicals, and so they are healthy for our bodies. Most regular shampoos contain chemicals that negatively affect the neurochemicals in our brains [1], but Body Shop shampoos do not.
3. Interpretation Therefore, The Body Shop started a safe and healthy products trend that other companies like L’occitane has since copied.
References (Especially from the factual examples, and put at end of article)
  1. “It should be considered that…” indicates the start of an opinion.
  2. “For instance, …” shows the start of the examples. Can use direct and indirect quotes, and must include references.
  3. “Therefore,…” indicates the start of interpretation.

Second, identify which of these sentences should be used as opinion, factual example, or interpretation.

  1. However, Starbucks is located in 66 countries, whilst Tully’s is in four countries.
  2. Therefore, Tully’s is a better option if you plan to take your date out for coffee.
  3. In a survey of my classmates, 7 out of ten preferred the flavour of a Tully’s coffee.
  4. About 56% women like the interior design of Tully’s more than Starbucks.
  5. Tully’s is the better café company than Starbucks.
  6. A cup of Starbucks coffee is more expensive than a cup from Tully’s.
  7. Tully’s cappuccinos taste better than Starbucks.

Third, write this into a paragraph.

Fourth, choose your own topic, and make your own opinion paragraph.


Structure of an opinion paragraph

Structure of an opinion paragraph

Brain storm:

Writing ideas for this topic.

Writing ideas for this topic.


Finish this: Writing an Opinion Paragraph.doc.