Here are resources to help you with writing.

Blogging:Blogging info, add your blog url here, and class blog roll here.

Books: A-Z of Common English Errors (Jpn ed; BTB Press), Grammar In Use Intermediate (CUP), Reading in the Real World Intro (Compass Publishing), Writing Journal (on RIC Publications Website).

Task 1, Emails:MS Word basics & Task 1 video on YouTube, Email ettiquette & samples.pdf, Email Task.pdf, Business Email with attachment, YouTube video Adding Attachments to emails. Basic business emails pt1 & pt2 (on YouTube). Business order Form 1, Form 2, Form 3.docx. Language for a variety of professional emails at Bufferapp.Com/send-better-email.

Essay resources:

  1. Task 1, How to write a paragraph (EngVid; 14mins),
  2. Task 2, Introducing food & MS Word basics (Andrew; 8mins),
  3. Task 2, Food topic, https://youtu.be/6tztLoXyiac: MS Word format, hamburger paragraphs, citing & reported speech, and referencing (Andrew; 17:35mins),
  4. Task 2, Hamburger paragraphs (Catweldon123; 3mins),
  5. Task 2, Basic structure & Hamburger Paragraphs (Andrew; 13mins),
  6. Task 2, Food topic: Spicy tofu soup.pdf sample article.
  7. Task 2, How to do Simple Referencing (Andrew; 7mins),
  8. Task 3, Writing a very simple introduction (Andrew; 5mins),
  9. Task 4, How to do a Simple Introduction & Conclusion (Andrew; 8mins),
  10. Tasks 4/6, How to write a simple opinion paragraph (Andrew; 8mins),
  11. All tasks, How to use transitions (EngVid; 10mins).
  12. Task 6, How to write an Introduction (James ESL EngVid; 21mins),
  13. Task 7, Pop culture / Opinion: How to write a movie review (pdf),
  14. Task 10, How to write a news story.
  15. Task 11, How to write a press release.
  16. Task 13, Compare / similarities intro video (Andrew; 11mins),
  17. Task 13, Contrast: Block vs. Point-by-point (Andrew; 13mins),
  18. Task 13, Compare & Contrast (Carrie Carter; 7mins),
  19. Task 13, Comparison/Contrast (Love your pencil; 10mins),
  20. Task 13, Compare & Contrast structure (Andrew; 9mins),
  21. How to write Christmas Cards.

Exam things:Sample Writing Exam 2014.pdf, Sample Writing Exam Semester 2 2014.pdf.

Extremely Short Stories (ESS): ESS Samples.pdf, Extremely Short Story Competition website.

Handouts:  Food descriptions.pdfFuture of Tablets (2015), Movie Review.pdf, Writing correction codes.pdf.

Microsoft Word: How to use it


Using photos in your portfolios. Don’t steal photos and graphs from the internet; it is illegal and you can get yourself and your company into trouble. You have three choices:

  1. Copyright license (© see Wikipedia) which you usually need to pay for. However, here are some copyrighted photos that are available free with limited license, Dreamstime.comFreeDigitalPhotos.net, FreePhotosBank.com, and more to come.
  2. Creative Commons license (CC; Creative Commons, and Wikipedia) which is free to use. The photo above is Creative Commons (CC). You can find and use Creative Commons licensed photos on Wikipedia and Flickr, imcreator.com, Pexels, pixabay.com, Unsplash, and many more.
  3. Make your own charts and pictures, and use your own photographs (you own the © or CC).
  4. Find a list of © and CC websites here on BufferApp blog.

Research Projects:Interview Questions.pdf; How to write the…Abstract, Background; Methodology & Results; Methodology & Results 2; Discussion & Conclusion. Samples:Occupy Wall St.pdf; Popularity of AKB48.pdf; Sample Research Article.pdf.

Touch typing:

  1. Learn: Typing Study, Wikihow.com/Teach yourself to touch type, HowCast: How to type.
  2. Games: Typing.com/games,
  3. Pangram practice: Wikipedia/pangram,
  4. Test: Typing Test English.

Image credit:Sunglasses hand smartphone desk, by Ed Gregory, 2015, https://www.pexels.com/photo/sunglasses-hand-smartphone-desk-6488/.

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