Idioms are simple phrases that carry a lot of meaning. Example, “A stitch in time saves nine”. This means, a little effort done now, will save you a lot of work later. There are in fact, more idioms in English, than you can shake a stick at (means a huge number). There are idiom dictionaries that are as big as regular dictionaries. It is your job to start to learn this part of English. For class, prepare the following:

  1. Find an idiom, write it into a vocabulary notebook (perhaps draw a picture if it helps)
  2. Write down where you found it
  3. Write down an example usage (how it can be used in a conversation)
  4. Write down the meaning in simple English
  5. Write down any other interesting information.
  6. In class, teach it to a classmate
  7. Learn another one from a classmate, and note it down into your vocabulary notebook.