Pronunciation – 発音

Books:Whaddaya Say? (SlideShare).


Phonetics:English Phonemic System (IPA Chart), Cambridge University interactive phonetic chart, Sounds English.pdf.

Phonetic videos:/æ/ (‘cat’ & ‘apple’), /f/ & /v/ (‘ferry’ & ‘very’), /m/ (‘my’ & ‘time’), /Ɵ/ (‘that’ & ‘these)’, /w/ (‘where’ & ‘wombat’).

Phonetic photos:/æ/ (‘cat’ & ‘apple’), /f/ & /v/ (‘ferry’ & ‘very’), /m/ (‘my’ & ‘time’), /Ɵ/ (‘that’ & ‘these’), /w/ (‘where’ & ‘wombat’).

Vixen & the Crow, audio

Vixen and the Crow, male British-Australian:

Vixen and the Crow, female Australian:

Vixen and the Crow, female US:

Communication Skills class Pronunciation & Intonation Skills Check post.


  1. Important Word Stress, and in the class Important Word Stress.
  2. Intonation: 5 Tones.
  3. Intonation: Vixen and the Crow.
  4. Intro Phrasal Verbs & classroom language,
  5. Letters & numbers dot to do, puzzle 1, on YouTube, and the pdf.
  6. Numbers: Teens & tens, new Teens and tens (2018).
  7. Phonological & Intonation Check 1 (Q2, 2017).
  8. Phonological & Intonation Check 2 (Q2, 2017).
  9. Stepping Stones,
  10. Stress Maze,
  11. Sounds English: This is my fox, Where is my fox?, I love you, I lost my chicken, What’s the time?,
  12. Vixen and the Crow.
  13. Word Linking with /r/ /w/ and /j/.


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