Oral Communication

Use a real computer to access these, and so you print the pages, too.

Exam things: Conversation Signposts.pdf, Speaking Feedback 1.pdf, Speaking feedback 2.pdf, Sample 2015 exam.pdf, Sample 2018 Exam OC.pdf.

Final Reports: OCA Final Reports Semester 1 2016, and video on How to do simple formatting in MS Word (on YouTube) Sample OCA report for Semester 1 2016.

Homework: Updated weekly at: http://winjeel.com/blog/category/for-students/homework/.

Listening practice: Small talk (ESL Fast), Winjeel Listening.

Speaking practice: Busuu.Com.

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  3. Hello! I am an English Linguistics &Literature student in National University Of Modern Languages Lahore Campus(Pakistan). I want to learn English phonetics with transcription. So, please help me in this matter.

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