Here are resources to help you with your listening class.

Course info.pdf:

Exam things: Listening Exam 2015 Sem1 Sample.pdf, audio files (mp3) for sample exam (on DropBox).

Extensive listening things:

  • Can I understand about 90% or more of the content (the story or information)?
  • Can I understand over 95% of the vocabulary and grammar?
  • Can I listen and understand without having to stop the CD or tape?
  • Am I enjoying the content of the listening material?

(Questions from Warring,

Games: English whiz,, Listening Master,

Listening tasks:

  1. Listening task 1 info.
  2. Practice on (make a free account).
  3. Watch how to use Padlet (YouTube videos), Fatemeh (5mins), Paperless Classroom (2.25min), Technology for Teachers & Students (11mins).
  4. Make your presentation (can be on Padlet, Evernote, Office 365, Prezi, etc)
  5. See the Presentations page.
  6. Note that Padlet lets multiple people edit the same page, at the same time, from separate computers. Perfect for doing group homework, at home. Make sure you “share” your Padlet with your group members.
  7. Submit: your link here on Google Forms, so we can quickly switch between presentations.
  8. Present: Good luck. List of presentations.

Phonetics: Sounds English.pdf, Cambride University interactive phonetic chart. Also see Pronunciation.

Podcasts: Google Play (for Android): 5 Best Apps, Rootive Podcast AppiTunes (Eng), iTunes (Jpn).

Listening to the News 2 & Voice of America links:

Featured image: Music Beats Headphones 122/365, by CC Louish Pixel, 2011.

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