Here are some resources to help you develop your grammar knowledge and skills, and to support flipped classroom work.

English Grammar In Use units (on YouTube):

  • 47 & 48, Reported speech
  • 58, Would like to…
  • 72, A vs The
  • 80, Noun + noun (using nouns as adjectives)
  • 92, Relative clauses:  who, that, which
  • 98, Adjectives with ing & ed
  • 104, Quite, pretty, rather, and fairly
  • 106, Comparisons 2 (much, a lot, far, a bit, a little, slightly better)
  • 107, Comparisons 3 (as … as, isn’t as … as)
  • 113, Conjunctions (though, although, despite, in spite of, even though)
  • (more to come).
  • You can get this book at bookstores,, and as an app for the Android, iPhone, and iPad; (Google Search).

Games: Grammar Ninja 2, BBC KS1 Literacy Games. Games to learn English: 1st & 3rd person s, comparatives,

General: Almost vs. usually, Quoted & reported speech.

Links: For reference, rules, and games