There are three things on this page

  1. Buying second hand books from previous students. 前の生徒から中古の教科書を買う.
  2. Selling books.
  3. The 2017 book list.

Buying books

You can buy second hand books from past students. See the list of books and people here on Google Docs. Andrew is not responsible for any problems or mistakes. あなたは以前の生徒から中古の教科書を買うことができる。本と生徒の名前のリストを見なさい。アンドリューは問題や間違いについていっさい責任を取りません。

Selling books

If you want to sell your old books to the 2017 students, add your book information here:

Be nice to the new students, when you try to sell your books. You can also try to sell other books you have. There are no guarantees that you can sell anything or everything. Best of luck. Also, Contact me if you want your book removed from the list.

The 2016 book list

See on Google Docs Spreadsheets: Booklist 2016, and the Booklist 2017.

Person on Apple Laptop. CC 2014,

Person on Apple Laptop. CC 2014,