Update about Andrew

Just a brief update. Andrew is now working in Melbourne Australia. He is currently the Education Manager for the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) Department of the Lonsdale Institute. He oversees the ELICOS department for both the Melbourne and Sydney campuses. This involves new teacher development, curriculum development, student welfare, and more.

He retains his interest in psycholinguistics and teaching listening, and applying technology to assist in language learning. He is now more engaged in professional development for teachers and teacher instruction.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

WordEngine maintenance

I just got this important message from Word Engine:

WordEngine and V-Admin will be temporarily offline for regular database maintenance on Monday January 21, from 2pm until 4pm Japan Standard Time.  You will not be able to use WordEngine during that time frame. 2019年1月21日(月) 午後2時から午後4時の間、定期メンテナンス作業を実施させていただきます。ご不便をお掛けしますが、メンテナンス中はワードエンジンとV-Adminをご利用いただけません。

During speaking tests

Don’t waste time. January can be a crazy-busy time for you. Be organised, and use your time wisely. Use only English; otherwise we will do grammar worksheets instead of this below. While you are waiting to do your speaking test, or after your speaking test, do any of the following:

  • Practice for your speaking test / help someone else practice for their test
  • Review vocabulary (& word pronunciation) for the speaking test & final exam; OC: units 18 – 24 of Orbits, CS (Hum) units 7-13 Orbits Lower Intermediate.
  • Review conversation strategies for the speaking test & final exam
  • Review pronunciation for the speaking test & final exam
  • Work on preparing a dialogue for topics in the final exam, which will be on one topic from units 18 to 24 in Orbits.
  • Do extensive reading
  • Do Word Engine
  • Work on reports or other study for another class

Use only English; otherwise we will do grammar worksheets

Literacy class task 12 referencing

you need to provide examples of the learning you have done, which means you also need to provide references. This is an example of how to do it:

Task 12

I learnt a lot of new vocabulary. For instance, in task 5 I used ‘elephant’ for the first time in “There are many elephants in Africa and India” (Mizuno, 2018a). Regarding grammar, I learnt about adjective order, which I recently used in task 10. For instance, “The new American iPhones are very nice” (Mizuno, 2018b)


Mizuno, Y. (2018a) Task 5: The things in Africa.

Mizuno, Y. (2018b) Task 10: Japanese vs. American technologies.

Quarter 4 homework

Oral Communication

  • Review pronunciation, dialogue vocabulary, article vocabulary, conversation strategies for units 1-24 of Orbits. The speaking test will cover units 18-24, please review those articles.
  • Speaking test with your assigned partner, choose one topic from units 18-24 in Orbits, do the research task, and discuss this in the speaking test. You both must have the same topic, but can have different research articles to share. Keep your conversation authentic, do not write and rehearse a script. Scripted speaking tests usually look bad, and get marked down a lot. An authentic conversation always looks better.
  • NB.: Conversation strategies in units 23 & 24 will help you a lot in the speaking test.
  • Attend World Plaza, and practice using the vocabulary and conversation strategies
  • Word Engine, at least 300 correct responses a week
  • Final speaking test and exam will focus on content from units 18 to 24 from Orbits.
  • In our final class we will practice vocabulary. Please study vocabulary for this class.
  • Work hard, study, relax, do self-care, enjoy life.

Communication Skills (Humanities)

  • Review Orbits unit 1-13 mini dialogues, pronunciation, dialogues & Conversation Strategies; Into Literacy.
  • Possible speaking test topics: Into Literacy My Week in Palau Day 2 (p61-3); ‘Staying in an AirBnB or a Hotel’ (p38-9); Worker Rights (p107); Health & Nutrition (p108-9); Orbits story thoughts, feelings, and opinions; or an Extensive Reading book.
  • Extensive Reading, at least 4,000 words a week, and write a report for Thursdays.
  • Attend World Plaza, and practice using the vocabulary and conversation strategies
  • Word Engine, at least 300 correct responses a week
  • Have fun.


  • Review all writing skills studied this year.
  • Review vocabulary (p33) and article (p38-9) for ‘Staying in an AirBnB or a Hotel’, and business press Release structure and language in Into Literacy.
  • Tasks 11 & 12: Final Learning Report (see p5 of course information handout), due 21st Jan 2019
  • Word Engine, at least 300 correct responses a week
  • Extensive reading reports are due on the 21st Jan (at least 3,500 words a week), and keep weekly reports.
  • Enjoy life

Communication Skills (Economics)

  • Review Active units 5 & 6 pronunciation, dialogue vocabulary, grammar.
  • Speaking test could include the following: Cover to Cover unit 6 Ageing p76-78, unit 7 p86-7 Survival After Eight Days at Sea, An Amazing Athlete, unit 11, p146-7, or your extensive reading.
  • Attend World Plaza, and practice small talk and conversation skills.
  • Have fun

Literacy Class 29th Oct

Double check this again later, as I am likely to update this with something I’ve forgotten.

On Monday the 29th Oct, you will need to submit the following in three separate piles:

  1. Task 8 corrections (if not already submitted)
  2. Task 9 (with checklist correctly completed, copies of references, topic research sheet). Do not finish this at 2am Monday morning, and then sleep and miss your first classes. Complete this before Sunday lunch at least.
  3. Extensive Reading reports (make sure you have a photo of each page in case you lose them)

On Monday we will do the typing test.

Sick days on 22nd and 23rd Oct

To all my students,

Sorry we missed our classes. From Monday morning I suffered very bad stomach flu. Which meant I experienced severe nausea, light headedness, almost passing out, extreme fatigue, sore muscles all over, and now dehydration and head and neck aches. I’ve of course seen a doctor, and still recovering at home. I don’t know if I can be back on Thursday, but I hope I can. If I can come back, I won’t be 100% my normal self, so I’ll need your help to get the class working well.

Oral Communication classes: We’ll start with presentation preparation for one topic of your choice between units 13 and 18 (yes, including Empiricism & Romanticism). Bring your laptop, and tether to the internet through your phone if you need internet access.

Communication Skills Humanities: We’ll start Extensive Reading poster presentation preparation. I lost my coloured markers, so please bring your own and other craft supplies. I will bring A2 sized poster paper.

Literacy: I’m really, really sorry, please don’t cry, but the touch-typing speed test will be delayed to the next Monday class. Please collect your marked writing from the office at R32, and revise it ready for the time we meet. Continue re-Reading and taking notes of interesting language and symbolism in Love Story.

Communication Skills Economics: I’m not sure what we will do yet. Keep doing extensive Reading, and prepare vocabulary from Cover to Cover unit 6, 72-3.