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Andrew Blyth (ORCiD) has many years of experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students in private language schools and universities in Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. He also teaches undergraduate student-teachers of TEFL / TESOL both theory and practical subjects. He has obtained his Masters Degree of English Language Teaching (MA.ELT) with University of Essex in the UK, and is currently undertaking his doctorate (part-time) with the University of Canberra. Currently, he is based at Nanzan University in the NEEC department for a couple more years.

Andrew’s research speciality is in the psycholinguistics of listening and ELT listening pedagogy. His focus is on lexical segmentation and bottom-up listening skills (employing phonemic and phonological knowledge). He has presented and published on listening theory both locally and internationally.

He also has an interest in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) pedagogy and practice, and has an interest in research and ethical issues of using social media in education. He has published in local and international journals including the leading publication ELT Journal, and has presented internationally (research page).

Andrew is a member of JALT and the JALT CALL special interest group. He currently does proof-reading, copy editing, and is a reviewer for the JALTCALL Journal. He is also the co-programme chair for Nagoya JALT.

ABlyth, by D.Arai
ABlyth, by D.Arai

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Teaching & researching EFL listening in Japan