During speaking tests

Don’t waste time, be productive.

  • Prepare for your own speaking test
  • Help a friend prepare for their speaking test
  • Review vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation strategies
  • Do WordEngine
  • Work on your final reports.
  • Do extensive reading for your other class
  • ONLY use ENGLISH!!!

The change between speaking tests must be quick, otherwise we might not be able to finish. Bring your speaking test feedback marksheet with your name and student number on it.

Communication Skills class:  The speaking test is a 5-8 minutes. Speaking test possible topics:

  1. Into Literacy: Extensive Reading, p27-8
  2. Into Literacy: Book Clubs, p105-6
  3. Blog: Where Does Our News Come From?
  4. Extensive Reading: Introduce a book you’ve read recently
  5. Orbits: “Summary of what has happened in the story so far, and what you think may happen next, and why”.
  6. Extensive Reading: Introduce a book you’ve read recently

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