Oral Communication class sample videos

It is still class time, so use English only!

With your partner(s),

  • Find a quiet place, not in front of other classes, they won’t like the noise
  • Do a sound check, and make sure it all works and records. Make sure the red cameras are set on Mountains, and the black ones are set on Video. Make sure the external mics are switched on.
  • Also do an audio recording with your smart phone (not video) in case there’s a problem with the camera. If you need to send Andrew your audio, do not send your iPhone video (the file is too big), and do not use a Japanese language only file sending service, or one that needs Andrew to sign up to.
  • Start the video with your name and student number.
  • Speak for about 8 minutes
  • Return to the classroom with 30 minutes of leaving, make a copy of your video (do not cut & paste, and do not delete it)
  • Make a note of your camera number.
  • During class time, and while away from the classroom, use ONLY ENGLISH!
  • Start watching the video and make notes on it for your final report. The black video cameras have a headphone jack, so use a splitter and headphones with your partner.
  • For the black cameras, use VLC Media Player or QuickTime to view the video files
  • Include any visual-communication information in your final report if it helps.

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