OC: During Speaking Tests

For my Oral Communication classes: Do not waste time, but use it wisely.  During the speaking tests work and be productive. DO NOT USE JAPANESE during this time. You can do any of the following:

Prepare for your own speaking tests

  • Review articles units 13-18
  • Review article vocabulary for units 13-18
  • Review extra information from poster presentations and your own research for units 13-18
  • Review pronunciation of vocabulary for articles in units 13-18
  • Review conversation strategies in units 0-18
  • Help a friend prepare for their own speaking test

Work on your final reports

  • Review the sample report at Oral Communication.
  • Review your speaking test videos
  • Counts words per minute for fluency
  • Review your use of conversation strategies
  • Review your mannerisms and gestures
  • Review your changes in Word Engine since July

Review the story in Orbits, units 1-18.

Do Word Engine study

Do extensive reading

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