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Sometimes Andrew’s classes will have a class party. If we have a class party, it’s for four reasons. One, students have worked hard and have achieved a lot, and should be rewarded. Two, to practice and rehearse attending office and staff parties and events. Three, to develop informal social-linguistic skills. Four, get experience in how to host informal events at work.

Usually, the parties will be in the morning, so they will be brunch parties; half breakfast, half lunch. If you can, please bring food or drink to share at the party. You may need to bring paper plates, plastic knives, paper cups, tissues, whatever. Please avoid buying cheap sugary food from convenience stores, because most people prefer healthier options. Not everyone has time to prepare something, and not everyone has the money to spare to make or get something. Consequently, if you can, bring extras; if you cannot contribute this time, please bring extra next time. Don’t know what to bring? Google search “brunch food” or “brunch recipe” for morning parties, and “healthy snack recipe” for afternoon parties. Please avoid sugary foods.

What to do & rules for class parties:

  1. DO NOT bring smelly or difficult-to-clean-up food & drink. Imagine if it spills, can it be be cleaned up easily?
  2. Use only English. If Andrew hears any Japanese being spoken, the party will end immediately, and he will give everyone grammar worksheets to do.
  3. Move some tables to the middle of the room, and push all the chairs to the sides. Put the food and drinks (opened) onto the middle tables. Keep bottles in the centre.
  4. Cooking in the classroom is (sadly) not allowed
  5. Small talk with people. Talk about summer/winter/Christmas plans, an extensive reading book, part-time work, club activities, about the food at the party, about an article we discussed in class, anything.
  6. Do not stand silent talking to no one; always mingle. If Andrew sees anyone not mingling the party will end immediately, and he will give everyone grammar worksheets to do.
  7. Small talk with people you don’t normally talk to. Avoid talking to friends and your normal class partners.
  8. Selfies with friends is ok, but ask first. Also, if you post photos to social media, ask first and ONLY say nice things about people.
  9. ALL the food must be eaten. Otherwise, it makes cleaning up difficult.
  10. Clean up. Find an empty bag so everyone can use it as a rubbish bag. Clean up any spills immediately. EVERYONE must help clean up in the last ten minutes.
  11. If the party goes well, we may have another.

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