OC Class: During pronunciation checks

For my oral communication classes. While other people are doing their pronunciation checks, do not waste time doing nothing. Do the article discussion.

1. What to do: For the first one or two partners, start from question one. From your third partner, choose any question to begin with.  If there are any difficult points, ask your partner for help, and help your partners understand the article more. This topic could be used in the final speaking tests, so do practice this sincerely.

Changes: Change partners every ten minutes. After five partner changes, do the next activity.

2. Preparation: Use this time to properly prepare for unit 10. That means checking vocabulary pronunciation for the Dialogue list, and writing the pronunciation and simple-English meanings for the Article list. If you finish early, do your WordEngine study.

Note: Next unit we will do video recordings so you can prepare for your next final report. You should also have done extra research, so you can have more interesting conversations.

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