Common problems with videos and cameras

This story is especially for my students. We use two types of cameras, the red Kodaks, and the black Olympus ones. Both have strengths and weaknesses. The red Kodak cameras do not have earphone jacks, and the internal microphone is quite poor. The black Olympus camera instead has both a mic and earphone jacks, and has excellent stereo microphones. 

Common problems

Red Kodak cameras: Through the year, someone will forget to do a sound check, and record their speaking test with the microphone either switched off or pointed away from the speakers. 

Black Olympus cameras: The video does not play with sound on Windows Media Player. WMP is a cheap simple player, and so it lacks some important codecs, including the one used by the Olympus cameras. Consequently, you’ll need to download and use either:

If you still have problems, please ask. 

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