Dear @Microsoft, I DON’T want Windows 10, and here’s why

I’ve seen this often enough, but typically once, maybe twice a week. However, this is the third time today I’ve had this pop-up message today. The answer is NO, NO, and NO! Windows 10 is a huge problem for a lot of people.

Microsoft keeps pushing Windows 10 onto consumers.

Microsoft keeps pushing Windows 10 onto consumers.

Firstly is the privacy issue. Windows 10 apparently uploads all your personal data, including passwords, to the Microsoft servers in the US (The Guardian). The issue here is the sovereignty of data. I’m not in the US, I’m not American, I do nothing wrong and no threat to humanity, but yet the NSA collects all my data, and will undoubtedly collect all my computer usage details, including passwords.

Secondly, it’s just too creepy. Not only does MS want to make a mirror copy of my PC onto their servers, and the NSA will be able to look into it. The creepy pop-ups like this is unnerving. I got this Windows 8 tablet before Windows 10 was even announced. Now my W8 is telling me W10 is a thing. This can only happen if MS has been loading onto my current computer their advertising, and they have. Each day, the advertising / prompts are slightly different. Last week they were saying that 100 million computers are now infected with W10. To me MS has entered a slippery slope of advertising. I’m sure soon Operating Systems will start to have advertising on them, much in the same way as you see advertising on your favourite website like Dilbert. I guess it won’t be long until you see unwanted advertising pop-ups interrupting your concentration and your work. Currently, my computer is an advertising free-refuge… well, my Linux Ubuntu is. W8 currently has started to advertise W10, so this ad-free experience is now ruined.

So Microsoft, please stop pushing W10 onto me. The constant interruptions will just make me hate it more, and frankly, it makes you look desperate.

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