Blogging & SNS

We will try blogging instead of the Writing Journal. The Writing Journal only gives you a small range of topics, but blogs can let you write about anything you want. It’s also a great way to share and connect with other people with similar interests to you.
What to do:
  1. Use a real email address like Gmail, Live, Protonmail, or Yahoo. Don’t use a phone company mail, especially Docomo or AU.
  2. Choose a host: 10 best blogging platforms (Blogger, Tumblr, & WordPress are most recommended, and Sway), and create a free account.
  3. How to join Tumblr: How_to_join_Tumblr.pdf.
  4. Set up your account (with a memorable password), but not with your real name, use a pseudonym.
  5. Add your blog url to the class list here:
  6. Write your first blog post. Topic: Your goals & dreams (or anything else you like).
  7. Read other classmate’s blogs and leave nice comments, see the class list on Google Sheets. Do this only once.
  1. ONLY use English (of course!).
  2. Never use classmate’s real names.
  3. Say only things that are true, and provide links to the facts / source of info.
  4. Never say anything bad about someone (don’t damage their personal reputation).
  5. Don’t post photos that may hurt other people. Don’t post photos of people taken in class.
  6. Sometimes add photos, but only your own photos (never steal pictures from the internet).
  7. Never steal other people’s writing. Respect copyright.
  8. Follow the T.H.I.N.K principle (via
Possible topics:
You can use these themes or create your own, but create your own original title for your blog post. See Andrew’s blog at Winjeel.Com as an example.
  • A recent news event
  • “A funny thing I saw someone do was…”
  • “A movie I recently enjoyed was…”
  • A great restaurant
  • Today’s poem
  • A new beauty product you’re trying
  • Something you learnt about the internet
  • A new smart phone app
  • A funny thing your pet did
  • Why Tully’s is better than Starbucks
  • Why Body Shop is better than Lust
  • Nail art
  • Your sports team’s recent match
  • Your club’s upcoming event
  • A new grammar rule you recently learnt
  • About your new cool hair style
  • A new clothing store you discovered
  • “Help! I’m a time traveller stuck here!”
  • What you think about a new law
  • A recent festival
  • Your feelings about the upcoming exams
  • Your summer holiday plans
  • “Pros & Cons: Should I…?”  (get a dog, get a laptop, holiday in Korea, …)
  • An exciting/interesting graded reader you just finished
  • A music concert you saw (or will go to)
  • Environmental news
  • About your support of a charity like Amnesty International, Tree Nation, WalkFree.Org, etc.
  • A hobby, like baking, coffee tasting, photography, technology, etc
  • An interesting book, movie, or computer game you recently read, saw, or played.
  • How to… (do make up, nail art, play a computer game, process photos on your smartphone, etc)
  • I wish my teacher knew…  /  I wish I could tell my teacher…
  • A poem (eg: Loneliness is… / Happiness is… / a diamond poem, etc)
  • Anything. Also see:

Featured image: Woman lying on bed with laptop. CC by Karolina Grabowska, 2014,