TEFL Theory & Methodology

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Theory & Methodology classes (for student-teachers). Here are some resources to help you. Also see the pages for my other classes.

Class Information: Theory 2015.pdf, Methodology 2015.pdf. Samples of assessment tasks are available on DropBox.Com.

Organisations & Conferences:

Classroom ideas: Grammar Ninja 2, BBC KS1 Literacy Games, How to teach listening, blog posts for teachers, ESL Library for handouts and lesson plans, and more to come.

Project oriented websites: Glogster.com, Padlet.com. Use these for students to do group work.

Teaching children: I haven’t taught children for years, but there are websites and resources that can help you like these, British Council, Kids Games; ESL Games Plus, Adjectives;

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