Here are some resources and ideas to help you prepare for a good presentation. If you want a good grade, look up “How to give good presentations” on Google (eg: this search).

What to do. At home, learn from these:

  1. Introduction, How to do Good Presentations (on Prezi), and on YouTube,
  2. Presentation language.ppt, (by A.Blyth, 2017)
  3. How to make a presentation: The basics. (by A.Blyth, 2016),
  4. Presentation Body Language (Soap on Slideshare),
  5. Body Language Tips for a successful presentation (by A.Blyth, 2016),
  6. 10 Basic rules of making a presentation (pdf),
  7. How to make a beautiful presentation (on Visage),
  8. Presentation Manual 2016,
  9. 52 presentation tips (Soap on Slideshare),
  10. Top 10 things your audience hate about your presentation (Stinson on Slideshare),
  11. Present like Steve Jobs: Carmine Gallo presents a very simple presentation style suited for business and product promotions. There are things here you can learn from and use.


How? You can use either:

* Cloud based, which means the file can be shared and edited by members of your group any time, any where.

Make sure the room you will present in has an internet connection if you use Google Docs, Padlet, or Prezi. You are not limited to computer-based presentations. You can also use paper, a flipchart, the whiteboard, handouts, whatever is most appropriate for your presentation.

Using Google Docs, Slides:

Using Office 365: Is an online version of Microsoft Office, go here. You can also create, share, and edit PowerPoint online.

Using Prezi:


Sway is a new Microsoft Office presenting / blogging application. Here is how to use it,

Infographics: Don’t steal photos and graphs from the internet; it is illegal. Use or make your own photos, graphs, and illustrations. This example is too big for a presentation, so consider cutting yours into smaller pieces. Consider:

An example of an infographic. "Home iPhone Accidents Infographic", from CC Stefan Leijon, 2012,

An example of an infographic. “Home iPhone Accidents Infographic”, from CC Stefan Leijon, 2012,

Photos: Don’t steal photos and graphs from the internet; it is illegal and you can get yourself and your company into trouble. You have three choices:



Featured image: Presentation. CC Tobius Toft, 2009.